Saturday, April 29, 2006


I'm linking to avideo that everyone needs to see. It's a hard video to watch as it's basically a lot of hurt, scared kids. The little girl that put it together has been getting death threats because of this antiwar message, yet another sign that way too many people in this country still have it so fucking wrong. This video really is one of the hardest things I've ever seen, especially knowing that it's our country that has caused so much of this pain.
What Would Jesus Do


Kixque said...

Why is it that the harder it is to see, the more we NEED to see it? I always dread when I'm forwarned about how difficult something will be to view or read because I know it means I NEED to see it. This vido is pretty powerful.

Kixque said...

Sorry, that is the 3rd comment I've left today with typos. I think my fingers are still thawing from the 8:30am soccer game followed by a 10am baseball game (in the rain).

Audrey said...

The problem is that you're preaching to the choir here. People who have been able to convince themselves that their enemies are nothing more than animals have disjointed themselves from the brutality. They have no more pity for butchered Iraqi children, than they would have for the butchered pieces of meat at their local Safeway.

It is THAT sentiment you have to change.

Onorach said...

That is sad in so many ways. :( Not only the video itself but also the fact that the poor girl who put it together is getting death threats. So much for being a "civilized" nation. *shaking head*