Tuesday, May 02, 2006

our lovely weather

Once again it's a Tuesday, Big Brother's soccer practice day. I've cancelled one this season due to rain, and last week we left halfway through, moments after the first teammate saw lightning. We have never cleared the field quicker, nor have I ever gotten the boys off the playground quicker.

Several weeks in a row, our Tuesdays have seemed the most overcast. The rain seems due always on a Tuesday. I wonder if maybe it just stands out more because I sit here all day wondering, waiting till it gets close enough to 5:30, sure that I'll have to cancel again at the last minute.

Most of these Tuesdays however, regardless of how ominous the sky looks all day, we haven't missed more practice, and some days that seemed the least promising have turned pretty just in time.

Today is another Tuesday. Once more the dark sky hangs low and gray and unamused. The ground is wet as the rain has finally begun, though it isn't heavy enough to see through my filthy windows. Finger and faceprints don't react well with glass and my ability to view.

Directly after soccer, we run to get Momma from work and head stright for roller derby. If The Boy will behave for me, I might put some skates on. I did the first time I went and had a blast, but since then I haven't felt really safe as The Boy can be a handful. Have I mentioned the busted-ass video games? One wall of the roller rink is lined with old video games, none of which are ever turned on, and several are obviously not working due to missing parts.

Here's the story of those. Momma and I didn't learn this till days later from her teammate, Napolean Blownapart. Seems she found the boy doing some climbing and had helped him down because he got himself stuck. He was stuck on top of one of the video games, roughly five feet in the air I'd guess, and he had roller skates on. Yeah, that's the kid I have to chase around. And that's why I've only skate once at the derby practice.

I think today looks like the perfect day for video games and movies.

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