Sunday, June 25, 2006

Ghana or Brazil?

That's the hard question. I love the way Brazil plays. I love the way Ronaldinho grins as if he is constantly reminded that he gets to play soccer for a living. I love also the story that is Ghana in World Cup 2006. Even though Ghana defeated my side to get to the round of 16, I still wish they could move on. I kind of don't see it. I'd love for them to have gotten paired up with almost any other team just so they could advance a little further.

Part of me just doesn't think Ghana can beat Brazil. They will try so hard, but in the end, they just won't have that little bit of help that a history in the World Cup lends Brazil. But then one has to admit that, yes, this is soccer, and one game really can change everything. Ghana has certainly shown themselves up to the task, and they could very easily prove how little rankings and odds are worth in the end. I kind of hope they do.

That game isn't for a couple of days. Tomorrow however, Ecuador is going to send the fancy boys (England) back across the channel. Rooney with his "bad boyfriend" demeanor, Beckham, showing nothing much so far, that goofy sack of tied together sticks that is Crouch, they won't do much beyond that one goal, and all the dancing in the world won't win the game when a much hungrier team shows up.

I'm leaning Netherlands tomorrow in the later game. It almost hurts to cheer for that much orange given my disdain for the local collegiate teams. I do make an exception for soccer, and the local collegiate soccer team, the Lady Vols, will likely make a good showing this fall. But regardless, the bright orange will win and go through only to be defeated by a team from the Americas.

That's my soccer post for the day. Hope you liked it.

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