Thursday, June 29, 2006

word of the day

I'm only doing this because it sounds dirty, and when things sound dirty, I have to laugh. I'm that kind of guy. So, if you want to see today's word, which means "shoemaker" you will of course want to click. . . on "shoemaker" . . .no, the other one.

In addition to being a maker of shoes, a shoemaker is also someone who proves unsuccessful as a cook. That makes the word ever more funny as I may get the chance to use it one day. Restaurant cooks delight often in attempts to demean one another with slang and with slurs as to one's character or sexual proclivities or abilities in either the bed or the kitchen. Any new way to convey such thoughts only serves to promote one within this hierarchy of idiotdom.

I will seriously not tell Momma about this word just so that she doesn't get a chance to call someone this before I do. However, if any cooks or lesser restaurant people should happen to read this, they will most likely also use it before me. But I can rest easy for a time . . .okay, to use this term, I'd have to get a job, and while I continually expect that it will eventually happen, I'm happy to put it off. Them boys ain't getting any younger.

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mull-berry said...

Words are fun ... another word for shoemaker is cobbler, funny that most shoemakers don't have a flair for cooking.

As the saying goes ... a cobbler's children have no shoes.