Friday, June 30, 2006

how the World Cup almost made me crazy

This is a post that I've been pondering for a few days, but I find in sitting here that I might have made a discovery. And like diverging trains of thought, this update may ramble all around updating. But I'm sticking with that.

We'll start with Momma's schedule. In addition to work, which sometimes keeps her fairly late, she has roller derby practice twice a week. Big Brother goes with her to practice to play, but generally, The Boy and I stay home because we don't always have fun there. That may change. We did all attend the most recent practice, and there were more adult people there in general. There have always been the girls and the coaches. Now though, more boyfriends/girlfriends are attending and hanging out for the couple of hours. The Boy is starting to get that I'm not feeding quarters to the candy machine at his whim, and he can just run around and play.

Now comes the World Cup and my sudden realization. I have not been leaving the house for more than quick dashes to the grocery store. I've been glued to soccer for so much of the day. I certainly didn't meet my goal of watching every game, and I will never try again. The upside is that Momma has finally seen the light and even gets offside. Now, when it gets to the fall season, she will enjoy my and Big Brother's games more. But overall, I've been inside crouched on the edge of the sofa waaaayyyyyy too much.

Momma might be traveling to Alabama in August with a team from her roller derby league for what would be their first bout. The fun part is that it would likely require an extra night of practice each week. What am I gonna do? say no? yeah right, so long as she takes Wednesday nights off so I can go play soccer. I also haven't been seeing enough of her lately which is the big thing that has been tipping me toward the edge. It seems like she should be spending less time at work lately what with the "head chef" guy being back. But then we remember what he is actually like, and how he makes more work for everyone else rather than less. He sucks!

Speaking of taking different directions, Momma says it'll be cool if I get some new soccer cleats. I even know exactly what I want, and they won't be as much as her new skates. I'm not sure if I'm going to. I have a serviceable pair already, though I really hate them. They are the cheap Adidas that are a little narrow and have extra toe, almost like new All Stars. We can afford them in a bad-American-consumer sort of way, but I can get by without them. But if I get them now, and then something comes up and we can't afford them later, and the ones I have can't last much longer because they already suck, and . . . but . . . then again . . .

We are discussing talking about a vacation. She gets a week sooner or later, and we need to do something. We might plan a trip to see a soccer game. There are a few MLS teams near enough for a drive up and a day or two in town somewhere. DC United would be an obvious choice due to the DC part. Is there a campground near there? Chicago might be fun, and I'm sure they have some campgrounds. The shortest drive is Ohio, but seriously, Ohio?

And I learn something else. Seriously, just now, I wandered away from posting and learned that in 2007 Toronto will be the newest city with a team in the MLS. And the reason I was away was to see how close FC Barcelona is coming in their America/Mexico tour, and I learned, not so close actually.

And I think that here is where I leave you for now. I've wandered and meandered, and I have bored you all. It's really the least I can do, and if you have read this far, you know. I'll do a book post soon. Can you guess what I'm just now almost finishing? I'm going now to read it while I sit outside and enjoy a nice cigarette.

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Christine said...

I'd go to Chicago. Have you been there before? It has enough stuff to keep you busy for weeks, maybe months. The boys would love the children's museum - it is completely awesome. We learned our lesson about driving in the city the hard way. Don't do it!