Sunday, July 02, 2006

four games, one day

I did see most of the game that sent England home from Germany, and I certainly saw Rooney displaying his manliness and maturity by stomping on another man's testicles. So, Rooney is a piece of shit, and now all the world knows. Hey, Wayne, smooth move you ball stomper. How does it feel to know that all the world saw you being a baby?

The second game of the day saw favorites Brazil losing to France. I was hard pressed to want one team to advance over the other. This was a pretty good game, but in the end, France gets to stay in Germany and play. Way to go Zidane!

Game number three was some MLS action. Clint Dempsey played a great game leading his New England Revolution to a victory over the New York Red Bulls. Clint's first goal was actually pretty funny in that the ball bounced off his foot and into the net, a little accidental redirection, with what looked like no intentional effort on his part.

The final game was a replay of the UT Lady Vols winning their fourth consecutive SEC title. It's odd to go from top level men's play to college level women's play, but some of these girls are going to go on to play for the US Women's National team, and they certainly inspire more pride than the men have lately. I tried to stay awake for this game, but late nights and little sleep mean that by the fourth game of the day, I'm into dozing like I was watching baseball.

I seriously need a break from televised action and to get my hinderparts to a field and create some action of my own. I need to talk to Momma about some action that has nothing to do with fields, but this isn't that kind of blog, so . . .

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