Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I DON'T hate Christiano Ronaldo

Warning: Probable language follows, or I'm going to say some unpleasant words! So beware my innocent homeschool readers!

I completely missed the first half of today's game in which France sent Portugal home from the World Cup. Portugal's last game before today was against England, a game that saw English player Wayne Rooney show his ass by stepping on another player's testicles out of frustration. The referee of course called the foul as Portuguese player Christiano Ronaldo rushed into the hoard, presumably to ask the ref to card Rooney.

Here's where the Brits get pissy, assuming that it was actually Ronaldo's fault that Rooney got booked. As he walked away, Ronaldo is caught by the cameras winking at his side's bench. This was indeed a very smarmy move on his part, and it may be reason to think less of him and his sportsmanship, but it isn't evidence that he caused Rooney to be sent off the field.

Here's a video of the play. You see it from a distance as Rooney fights two defenders trying to force the ball through. It's a valiant struggle at first, but you see Rooney's frustrations as he actually is fouling the player, Ricardo Carvalho, grabbing his leg and dragging him to the ground before stepping directly onto his testicles.

Here are my reasons why Rooney has only himself to blame for this and why the current anti-Ronaldo sentiment is completely unfounded.

Rooney obviously intended to step on Carvalho as is evident in the slow motion close up view. He is known to be an asshole as is seen watching his anger in any number of situations. He's been tossed out of games on more than one occasion for being an asshole. The next reason is that the ref made the decision. Regardless of what Ronaldo may have said, if player entreaties carry more weight than the knowledge and skill and eyesight of the ref, then the ref doesn't need to be working in this particular field and especially not at the highest level.

Wayne Rooney is a selfish bitch who is lucky to play at the level of soccer he has attained. He is a gifted player which is all the more disappointing in one so ill prepared to act as an adult.

So, think less of Christiano Ronaldo because he's a bit smarmy or because he seems like a pretty boy ass. But don't pretend that Wayne Rooney didn't stoop lower than shit. He chose to stomp a fallen man in his balls because he doesn't care much for self control. Ronaldo didn't make Rooney suck ass.


kendra said...

i think the only people who blame ronaldo for rooney's red card are yobs who think rooney can do no wrong. rooney and ronaldo are both little punks who would be great players if they just grew up on the pitch.

ronaldo's smarminess and ball-hog behaviour make me dislike him. sorta like kobe bryant.

Amanda said...

that whole post... well said!