Thursday, July 06, 2006

a holy crap kind of story

Now that we've all been disappointed my the US men's soccer team, we can all go back to our good soccer team, the women. Yes, the US women remain a powerhouse throughout the world bringing joy and gladness where the men sow their seeds of lazy godawfulness.

While reading around at the US Soccer site, I was reading about an upcoming game, US versus Ireland, happening July 23. I found the following story within the article to be one of extreme Holy Crap-ness. I have nothing but pity for this young woman, even if the story is a couple of years old.
The meeting with Ireland on June 14, 2003, in Salt Lake City, Utah, was memorable as well, as young forward Heather O'’Reilly, who is of course of Irish decent, made her first-ever start for the USA, and within 74 seconds had scored the first goal of the game and broken her leg in a collision with Ireland goalkeeper Emma Byrne on the same play. The injury eventually cost O'’Reilly a place on the 2003 Women'’s World Cup Team.

The team has three games coming up toward the end of July, and all are supposed to air on ESPN2. I have nothing more to add at the moment, but it will be so nice to see some US players that know how to act on the field and know how to get the job done. I hope the men watch these games, and I hope they are further shamed when once again, the girls not only do it, but do it better.

Okay, I do have this; I will add that the Women's World Cup is next year. Here is the link to the official FIFA site. I'm sure they'll do a nice big one with Yahoo like they did for the men, and I'll wait right here for it. The US Soccer site isn't updated past 2003, the last Women's World Cup, bunch of bums.

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