Tuesday, July 11, 2006

a tale of two vacuum cleaners

We have two different vacuum cleaners. One of them is larger, has attachments and a bag. The other is much smaller, intended for small spaces and has a detachable receptacle.

They both work, yet the smaller one works much better, seeming to have much more power. The problem is that it works so well that it must be emptied very often. I can vacuum the entire house with the larger machine and not fill the bag. But the floor isn't clean when I finish meaning of course that I'm not finished. The smaller vacuum is much easier to drag around making it easier to use before you factor in the messy, dusty dump stops.

Admittedly, the amount of emptying is more a statement on my regular cleaning than anything else. Yet having used both machines, it's apparent which works better. It's also apparent that I need to clean much more often and more regularly.

All that to say that I am not finished with my cleaning for the day. I won't even get into all the random crap that doesn't have a real home or no home yet. There's the huge box of pictures that have collected over the years that need labeling and ordering. There's the train tracks and engines that have grown as a collection to a size where they don't even fit in a laundry basket and old shoe box combined. I need to open the attic to put away Momma's and my winter coats. And then the box of audio cassettes. We don't really listen to most of them any more, yet we are not willing to just get rid of them either.

Oh well, less bitching and more cleaning might be the key here.

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