Friday, July 28, 2006

popsicle burn

Sure, it's a popsicle burn. I don't know quite what else to call it. I have a place now on my upper lip. Gramaw brought some sort of frozen fruit bars over about a week ago, and though they are good, they really are just some fancy hi-falutin popsicles.

The boys basically had them for lunch, or second breakfast if you'd rather, followed shortly by real lunch by the way, so I had one as well. Mine was actually breakfast so that you know I feed myself more poorly than those poor kids.

They really were delightful and tasty. I had lime. Every lick I took at first, the damn thing kept sticking to my lip. It was like a tiny little flagpole on a crisp February morning. Of course I kept going back for more as I've eaten frozen treats before. Sometimes you freeze to it, but you keep trying, and it never lasts that long anyway. I've certainly never gotten freezer burn from a popsicle. I certainly did today though.

So take that as a warning. There is one more dangerous food for us all to worry about. I'll work on forming a committee to make frozen treat makers throughout the country place warning labels. No one should suffer this mild unpleasantness ever again. My coffee makes me feel that place as a little tender and takes me right back to the trauma of the popsicle. Oooooh! the slight tenderness is so . . .there . . . at times.

I have to stop writing about this. It's giving me bad feelings, well, somewhat less than pleasant. Seriously, there is noticeable discomort.

Now I'm licking it to see if I can taste tender.

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Kixque said...

My summer discovery...lime popsicles with Corona!