Wednesday, July 26, 2006

roller derby bake sale/away match

This is a two part ad for Momma and her roller derby buddies. First, her team, Machine Gun Kellys is having a bake sale. So if some random reader here happens to be in Knoxvegas this Saturday, stop by Market Square, buy some baked delights and offset some of the expense of this craziness.

I'm guessing you've checked out the poster. I'm hoping they don't mind that I lifted it right off the Myspace page. The Hard Knox Roller Girls are going to drive down to Alabama in August and put the Knox down on some of Birmingham's braver female citizens. The bout is against the Tragic City Rollers. It will be tragic for them when they lose, but the tragedy for Hard Knox is having to leave Tennessee and drive to Alabama.

So if you're close enough on the twentieth, swing on by and cheer for the away side. Now to find out if it's BYOB, cash bar, whatever. These are the important matters.


Kixque said...

Congrats to Momma for making the team. I hear she's one kick ass skater!

Anonymous said...

Well, you should come up here to beat the heat and try these guys out. I would be happy to come root for both teams!

kim from relaxed homeskool