Thursday, August 03, 2006

Robin Williams sucks

Wasn't he both funny and a good actor once upon a time? He is on Fresh Air right now, usually one of my favorite radio programs. I'm certainly quite in love with Terry Gross even if, like all radio personalities, she looks nothing like the mental picture I had when she was just a voice. But this isn't about how cool Ms. Gross is.

Robin Williams sucks. Do the damn interview already. Leave the stupid voices and the exaggerated body movements at home for once and just quit acting like an ass. I know it's a radio interview, but he's still sitting in a studio somewhere being an idiot.

You aren't funny anymore, Robin Williams! I don't know what happened over the years to make you suck. And I'm sorry that you now suck, but yes indeed, you do now suck.

As stated, I enjoy Fresh Air and will even plan my kitchen routine somewhat around the radio in the kitchen which sadly gets the best reception in the house as far as NPR is concerned. But today I can't listen. I refuse to annoy myself with Robin Williams, who sucks, I feel inclined to point out.


Audrey said...

I have this theory that Robin Williams just "does the character of Robin Williams" all the time now because he can't remember who Robin Williams is anymore.

Frankie said...

I've never been a huge fan of RW, but only because I can't understand what he's saying half the time! He mumbles a lot.

I just want to tell him sometimes to relax and breathe.