Tuesday, January 09, 2007

thanks dude I hadn't heard of

Sometimes you just shouldn't look. Once or twice a day I like to check the Statcounter to see how many hits I'm getting at ye ol' blog. It's an ego thing to be sure, and low double digits isn't fucking helping one bit. I'm not ever going to see the Google ad thingy pay off at this rate.

One thing I am getting though is random searches, which I've mentioned before, as well as visits from other blogs, though how they jump to me from them I've yet to figure out most of the time. This story isn't about any of that. This story is about the new menace that I didn't know I should be scared of.

There are plenty of fears in life. I've tossed my cookies plenty of times, so plain old vomiting isn't really something that gives me the quakes. Shit, I had a Waffle House chicken sandwich come out my nose once in the bathroom of that very same Waffle House in which I'd eaten the chicken sandwich too few minutes afterward. I've had a milkshake and blueberry muffin come back up so quickly that, not only did it taste kind of nice but it was also still cool. Considering most vomit, cool and blueberry flavored is a lot nicer than it might sound.

Did you know that you could vomit poop? Yes indeed, and now I have a new thing to be scared of. Wikipedia link HERE and the blog at which I discovered this abomination HERE. The blog looks kind of interesting, and if it weren't time to go do dishes and cook supper I'd likely read more. I probably will later, and you are welcome to now.


doc said...

I read your blog faithfully, like a stalking ex girlfriend or maybe a slightly neurotic older sister - but I rarely come TO the site because I read it via my blogreader, which I'm sure others do too, really. I draw the line at clicking on google ads though. Love you!

My word verification is "smenita" - does that sound vaguely clinical to you? Like, the female version of .. oh, never mind.

samuel said...

I don't expect anything from the Google ads other than the desire for them to one day be worthwhile. I don't click them either.

I think "smenita" is the moisture/stickiness that collects in ones underpants from needing a shower, though it has nothing to do with any actual bodily functions.

Frankie said...

So this is what I get for having insomnia...this information. I really could have lived without knowing THAT. Now I'll never get to sleep. Gross, gross, gross, gag, gag.

I read you very often through bloglines as well.