Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mr. Happy Pants

Every year I put jeans on my Christmas list. Perhaps everyone in my family thinks I'm joking, but I'm not now nor have I ever. My side of the family, because there are so many of us, draws names for Christmas gifts, and very often we will include big ticket items that we know better than to expect and sometimes silly and/or frivolous items. So there is a chance that no one took my jeans request seriously.

On a side note, I switched from briefs to boxers due to a joking addition to a Christmas list many years ago. Brother number two added boxers to my list, and someone included a pair in that year's gifts. I immediately fell in love with the semi-free swing that the boxers provided. I flirted briefly with going commando, but the seam in the seat of my pants tended to chafe the area above my butt crack, so that ended quickly.

This was the year that my jeans wish was answered. I got two pair of jeans for Christmas making me the proud owner of four whole pairs of jeans, possibly more pants than I've ever owned in my life.

As a final addition to a story that sucked before ever being turned into electrons I will discuss quickly the laundering-the-new-jeans incident. When I washed my new jeans I included a pair of khaki corduroys that The Boy's ankles stick out of. They are still khaki but with a decidely bluish tint. One would think I'd have known better than to wash those with my new extremely dark jeans. One would think that.


Gem said...

LOL! My in-laws always think I'm joking when I tell them Squid wants jeans (or any clothes for that matter) for Christmas.

Chris said...

You're not alone. Brother number two always asks for jeans also. But does he get them? Noooooooooo. Sigh. And when did I ever sign you up for boxers?