Thursday, January 11, 2007

time to rock out

Anyone familiar with the devil that is Myspace is most likely also familiar with those stupid surveys that sometimes get to float around. They're usually obnoxious, a list of the most inane questions ever devised by the ninth grade mind. I won't attempt here to replicate the inanity of the questions, but most of us can well imagine, I'm quite sure, without ever having to see them.

A friend of mine often fills them out, answering some questions seriously, and answering many with snark such as, "smash you in your face" for a question like, "what did you do this morning" or "satan" as an answer to "who did you talk to last."

This same friend was nice enough to answer a question today with "Too Young to Fall in Love," that great Motley Crue song that I'm quite certain we all love AND adore. Since he was nice enough to get that song playing nonstop through my head today, I decided that everyone needs that song playing through their head today. When I say "everyone" I certainly don't mean to suggest I have that many readers, but both of you reading this will have to do.

I search YouTube so you don't have to. So without further ado, Motley Crue . . .

1 comment:

COD said...

If you have two readers, then half of them consider it a good thing to start the day with a little Crue.