Thursday, January 11, 2007

the bro's

Here's a lovely picture of my brother's and me. I'm sure it'll be hard to pick me out, even if you weren't just guessing based solely on coolest shirt. That shirt is sweet and looks even better with a pair of black and white wing tips. Fucking sweet, seriously. And by that I mean the good looking guy on the left.

Anyway, I'm number five in order of birth, which I'm certain adds its own little spice to the stew. I got four brothers worth of class ring stones to the top of the head. My parents almost seem to have had us two at a time up till the last brother. The four oldest brothers almost seemed to leave home in pairs, then suddenly I was the oldest brother at home for a while. At some point I was gone, and soon after it seemed that number six was out of the house. Number seven had his very own experience I imagine getting to be almost an only child after years of being the baby, and now he's having a baby, with his wife of course, who will also be doing the hardest part, but anyway.

Assuming that they do bear the girl child they expect and it's not just hiding some features, I'll will be the one brother with no daughters. So we can add that to the differences between me and them. There are two other boy child grand children including my own. There are two new girls just in the last year bringing the number of girls in a family that was heavily male for many years to dwarf somewhat the number of guys. It would almost make me believe in karma for the sake of my mother.

Sadly, I don't think the picture as it appears in this post really does justice to the amount of red eye in that picture. It gives a real demonic coming-at-you sort of thing. That was going to be half the point of this post, but what are ya' gonna do?

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