Thursday, January 11, 2007

sanctity of life

People on the right, when they give in to the need for research into embryonic stem cell research, always worry about preserving the sanctity of life. Their concern is for all those babies killed in order to harvest the stem cells, as if we are impregnating women solely to suck out their babies and create human clones.

That couldn't be farther from the truth, and I will admit that I'm being a bit insincere with my description of their position. The problem here is with their ideas of what's really happening.

Where's the sanctity of life in a freezer full of embryos? Where is the sanctity of life in throwing away embryos that could be used for purposes of attempting to save lives or cure people of debilitating injuries and/or illnesses?

Why do so many people on the "right" side of so much in America vomit such bullshit out of their mouths? Sanctimonious fucks that would deny certain people their rights and willingly give more rights to a pin prick sized glob of cells.

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Chris said...

I find myself in the middle, because if you listen to what's being said on either side, it's often sanctimonious fucks vomiting bullshit. Remember all of the righties that thought Clinton was out to get them and their way of life? Well there are just as many lefties saying the same thing about W.

Do those people think at all anymore? It seems that they can parrot the words of others all day long but not come up with an original thought in any given week. "Rush says .... " "Bill Maher said ... " "Well, I heard Gore say ... " "Hillary thinks ... " "Did you catch O'Reilly last night ... "