Friday, January 12, 2007

supper on the table

Todays was homeschool playdate/coop day which I usually enjoy along with the boys. Today however, I had the greatest idea and stayed home. Momma took the boys giving me a couple of hours of time to get a couple of jobs done.

The main job I wanted done I could easily have done with the kids, but it was nice not to have to. Momma and I finally got the Christmas tree undecorated late last night. It was extra sappy this year as well as full of some sort of bug. We didn't see bugs till after we got back from Atlanta. We know the bugs must have come from the tree, but we aren't sure how they could have been on the tree this whole time, about three weeks, maybe four, without our having noticed them before. One of us has to climb under once a day to check the water, so it's not like we don't get ample time to notice bugs.

My other job was to be a secret, a little surprise for Momma who had to be at work at 5:00. I was going to cook the beef and mushroom pie that I'd planned for supper, but I'd planned to have it done shortly after she and the boys came home from playing with other homeschoolers. She was going to have time to eat before having to leave for work. Nothing quite worked out as planned, and supper still isn't quite done yet.

This is a recipe I haven't cooked before. I'd scanned the Joy of Cooking a few days ago, needing to get together a grocery list with a couple of meals worth of ingredients. I'd never quite paid attention to this recipe, but this time it jumped out at me. I scanned it quickly seeing that it was not unlike a basic pot pie recipe or casserole, things I'm infinitely familiar with. I assumed I had plenty of time.

Soon after getting the tree out and vacuuming the effected areas I was in the kitchen prepping to cook. After getting the meat browned, the mushrooms browned and then getting the sauce thickened, I put it into the oven for an initial baking after which I planned to add the crust for the final baking. What I didn't notice till this point was that it needed to cool completely before the addition of the crust and the final baking.

That single step was the downfall of my wonderful plan. I'd assumed that the dish baked for the first hour and then finished immediately afterward. During that first hour I'd have time to put a crust dough together. I knew I'd be pushing the time limit, but it was doable. And here we come back to that unread step, the completely cool part. There was no way I could get this finished in time for Momma to eat any.

As it turns out, it wasn't so bad. Momma and the boys came home, and of course the boys were both hungry, never mind that they both had as many healthyish snacks as they could have wanted. Momma however wasn't hungry. In fact she was feeling a little not so nice from the snacks she had eaten. The Boy, as he will often do, claimed to want any number of snacks. He would eat a bit or two and then be done. Not one to waste food, Momma ate what he left.

The beef and mushroom mix should be about cool, or at least close enough that I can go make a crust and finish it. The boys are of course hungry again and not likely to want to wait another hour while I mix dough and bake the thing. So, off to the kitchen, fix them yet another healthyish snack and hope that they eat the supper I'm making. Big Brother will most likely eat it, though the mushrooms may get to be too much for him. He's eaten plenty of mushrooms in his life, but sometimes he'd prefer not to. I understand because I'm the same with some foods.

The Boy will most likely decide he's not hungry . . . for that. We never know what he's going to eat, and most days seem like a struggle to get him to eat well. He's eaten so poorly before that he spent the next day vomiting only to finish and want more candy or whatever he ate the day before that wasn't healthy. I wish he'd learn the lesson, but he just doesn't get that how he eats effects how he feels, and I refuse to feed him poorly just so he'll get sick and understand that he really can't just eat crap all day. I've tried, hoping that if he figured it out we'd have less stress over getting him to eat well. He is the king of healthyish snacks though, so we can usually get him fed. If he could have sushi every day he'd probably be happy.

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Kixque said...

The Eldest is SOOOO looking forward to continuing Battleship with Big Brother next week. Good for you for taking a day to get stuff done!