Thursday, January 25, 2007

weird . . .not oooh creepy . . . I hope

Doc has asked for six weird things that no one knows, but I'm not quite sure what to do with this. I accept that I've been tagged, and I'd love to comply with the request. The problem lies in what to share.

I don't doubt that I could come up with a list of things I don't share casually, but I'm afraid I'm afraid that's the kind of thing I'm not quite prepared to write about. So how do we go about this?

1. Doc mentioned collecting, and I'm not not a collecter of beerabilia. I'm currently storing a lot of beer related crap that I kind of wish I had room for, but I don't. I also haven't gone out of my way lately to collect stuff. It's sort of part of a budget that children came along and changed, but something I could see becoming more of a hobby one day.

2. I love comic books. This is another hobby that new children sort of rearranged. We've not bought comics in ages. And for what it's worth, I was reading Frank Miller way before that movie came out, although the new one isn't one I was able to pick up before the whole family thing. I also really love Paul Pope whose work is seriously worth checking out.

3. I was once nearly not quite a cowboy . . . sort of. Through I teacher where I went to school I was able to take a job one summer as a junior counselor at a christian camp in Wyoming. Each week was a different age group, and as a junior counselor my job changed week to week to some small extent. There was another junior counselor about my age as well as the older (not junior) counselors. Each weekend we spent in town with local families, two of us to a family and the same family for the duration. I was asigned to a ranch family, and at the end of the summer I spent a couple of extra days following them around on horseback. I really didn't do any real work to speak of. I rode a horse and once tied a gate closed poorly and some calves pushed their way out, but in my defense, no one really told me how to tie it properly, and I'm from Atlanta fucker!

4. I also learned to drive a stick shift up and down the long driveway of the ranch family in number three. It was a seriously long driveway full of potholes and paved in god's brown dirt. Nothing like trying to figure out the purpose of the clutch with the engine revved way too high and hitting your head on the roof at the same time.

5. And now that we are on the subject, something I never told anyone, but the doughnuts on the town's golf course the summer I was there were thanks to one of the sons of the ranch family.

6. Someday I'm going to start a band, rock the shit out of this town for a while and then disappear back into anonymity.

That wasn't really so hard I suppose. I got on that Wyoming kick and this son of a bitch just about wrote itself. I did try to reign that in bit, but those are things that I don't think I've ever really told anyone.

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doc said...

ooo, I knew you wouldn't disappoint me.

Here's a cartoonist for you to check out.

The blog is entries of her cartooning, but it's also all the episodes of her series listed, like, back 10 years of so.