Friday, February 02, 2007

dirt, dirt, dirt, and sleazy politicos

So, what happens in your town/county, when voters decide they want term limits? Term limits of course mean that elected politicians may only serve for a limited number of terms. Perhaps you have a bunch of good ol' boys running things poorly, hooking their friends up, spending money that isn't theirs to spend. The people, long grown tired of this shit, decide to limit the good ol' boys who of course fight tooth and nail to forgo the wishes of the people who they claim to serve. Um, when you pull some of the shit I'm about to quote, it's obvious that the only people you are concerned about are the ones who can most serve you and your own selfish interests.

Credit for this story is given to rocketsquirrel of KnoxViews

So, from the Wikipedia entry for my home county, I give the Hall of Shame '07 edition, alternately titled, East TN is starting to smell like a pile of rotten shit.
  • Outgoing commissioner Diane Jordan nominated her son, Josh, who mows lawns, to replace her, and even voted for him. Two days after the appointment, it was revealed that Josh Jordan was an admitted drug dealer.
  • Commissioner Mark Cawood succeeded in getting other commissioners to vote for his wife to replace him.
  • Commissioner Billy Tindell was immediately appointed to the position of County Clerk.
  • Commissioner Craig Leuthold's father, Frank, was appointed to represent the same district.
  • Commission chairman scott "Scoobie" Moore nominated and successfully pushed through his campaign treasurer for a seat that was not even in his district.
  • Outgoing sheriff Tim Hutchison nominated his chief deputy, J. J. Jones, to replace him who then hired Hutchison back as his chief deputy.
  • When the commissioners were deadlocked, they recessed out of view of voters in violation of the Tennessee Open Meetings Law, where they proceeded to strong-arm commissioners to change their votes.
  • The commissioners swore in one of the newly appointed commissioners, but not the other six newly appointed commissioners, to break a deadlock vote.
  • 2nd District nominee Jonathan Wimmer said later that Commissioner Greg "Lumpy" Lambert asked him to vote for 4th District nominee Lee Tramel in exchange for a seat. [2]

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