Friday, February 02, 2007

which is worse?

WARNING: possible cringe inducing material!!!

As I mentioned in a recent post, I was recently afflicted with a bit of a stomach churning sort of sickness. Both my fuel entrance and solid waste exit were exits for most of a day as I sent plumes of mostly liquid material gushing out of my body. There is nothing but downsides to this kind of illness, but as a bright side one must remember that it only really lasted most of a twenty four hour period, give or take a few hours.

That was a shitty day, but for the most part, upon realizing what I was in for, I negotiated with myself to ingest as little food or drink as possible in order to minimize the volume that I had to give back. I seemed somehow to will my body into not feeling too poorly by giving my poor widdle stomach as little as possible to play with.

The next day, the day I was no longer sick, was certainly no picnic. Due to some recognition in one stomach emptying bathroom visit, I was none too eager to eat any peanut butter that day, though oddly, the ginger ale was all right. My stomach and general constitution were both weakened enough that very little was appetizing to me throughout the day.

And here we wonder which is really worse. I'm certain that the actual body voiding hell is and will always be worst, but even today, two days later, I'm still fighting some of the issues that developed from being sick. I have muscles throughout my torso that only get this sort of workout when I'm as sick as I was. Though my stomach was empty most of the day, there were a few times that it continued to attempt to expel those nonexistent contents. Those muscles are still sore today. I keep finding myself worried that perhaps I'm going to find that same river once more flowing from my face into the toilet, and those feelings are often couple with a sort of ghost nausea.

I'm quite positive that the actual sick day was the worst, but the following days of weakness and sore muscles is only slightly nicer. I'm sure that this is part of our human ability to forget life's pains, simple creatures that we are. Either way, I'm ready for the whole thing to fade into a distant memory.

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