Thursday, February 01, 2007

worse than the last

Last week ended with some of our homeschool friends missing a couple of meetings due to some sort of stomach thing. This week began with the boys at great grandma's house so that Momma and I could go to a derby party. Monday began with a phone call saying that Big Brother was sick and throwing up. I'm not blaming the hs friends, but this stomach thing is slowly taking us all down . . . for a bit.

Big Brother seemed to be over it by Tuesday, and no one else got sick, so we assumed we were okay. We didn't really assume that because we have had kids for a few years now and know better.

Yesterday began fairly normally. I didn't think I was sick and assumed the light nausea was because I was hungry. That happens to me sometimes. We took Momma to work so that we'd have the car to go do some needed shopping, underwear and socks kind of deal.

Soon enough the nausea grew to the point that I realized I must have whatever Big Brother had had, and kneeling in front of the toilet proved that. It was actually sort of a dual blast day. Neither of my ends ever forced me to run to the bathroom, which was slightly nice, but I did spend a portion of the day deciding which end to void from next.

I also didn't really feel especially sick most of the day. Once I realized I couldn't really eat or drink anything I didn't want to see again later, browner and more liquidy, I was mostly all right. What really made me feel bad was the thirst. I spent most of the day huddled on the couch with a slight chill wishing like hell I could just down a huge, cold cup of water.

Today is much better other than the fact that I still am leery of food. I tried a saltine first thing, after I was up long enough to realize that the water wasn't coming back, but it just tasted gummy and made me sad. After the boys got up, we all had cereal, Kix, which they ate, but to me it was like the saltine, just . . . too something, but at least it stayed down. I finally fixed myself some ramen noodles for lunch and was able to eat half of them.

Oddly enough, this would be a great time to quit smoking as neither of the two cigs I had today were very pleasant. Part of me wishes that things would stay like that enough that I could quit, but part of me really fucking wants a cigarette. Fucking addiction!

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