Sunday, March 04, 2007

izz O to the izz S

Not that it has shit to do with shit, but I'm currently using Ubuntu as my operating system instead of Windows. The solution was amazing simple, and I have to thank Chris (no relation) for the help. Turns out this time that the blogosphere works more quickly than the familyosphere.

I'm not sure if I really care about my OS for the most part, but what the hell would I do without one? So I'm somewhat committed to using one assuming I continue to be increasingly tied to the computer.

I don't have any Windows or Microsoft horror stories to speak of. I've never really had any problems that weren't easily corrected. I did switch some time ago to using Firefox browser, and I've only kept Internet Explorer because every once in a while, some dumbass website (car insurance) won't work using Firefox. Other than for that one site, we don't ever use IE. And that got me to thinking.

It was actually a copy of Popular Science that got me thinking, though I have in the past very tentatively looked into Linux. So I was thinking, and I checked out the site and learned that Ubuntu uses Firefox. Well shit, I thought, if Firefox is so much better than IE, then why wouldn't Linux be better than Windows. They say they're better on their site, or seem to.

One problem that I'm having to keep in mind is that I'm running the damn thing off a cd, so it's running a little funny, almost like a little too much internet on a dial up connection but not quite.

As I mentioned, I don't really have any reason to not use Windows beyond the price difference between the two. One of them is free and easily updateable. One is less free though easily enough updateable. There's a certain part of me that just doesn't want to be tied to a huge corporation any more than I have to be, and any jabs I can get in at the big guys is fine with me.

In the end, I may dump the new shit and go back to ol' stodgy ass Windows. Who knows? But I just don't want to. I want to rebel, and at this point in life, I don't have much to rebel against that won't directly screw someone, most likely the kids, so I get my knocks in where I can.

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