Tuesday, March 13, 2007

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Because I was vague about the ass whipping in an earlier post, Housewife asked for clarification. This is that.

There are people in this world who, for whatever reasons, are absolutely toxic in whatever relationship they develop. I know someone like this, and while I could give you his name, I'll just use his initials, POS.

POS doesn't get anywhere with girls in a healthy state of mind. He waits till girls are in a more fragile state and swoops in only to leave everyone he touches sad, hurt and disgusted.

One of his tricks is his sensitivity, the fact that he's always been such a good friend, someone who would listen to you and understand. And when he sees you vulnerable, he moves in closer. He understands how you feel, and he thinks he's falling in love with you.

I've known POS for a few years, and I've known some of the girls he's hurt. I'm quite certain that no one he's ever slept with has come away from him anything but full of pain. He has no regard for anything or anyone.

I really don't know that I can say enough about him. I could go on for days expressing how much I hate this person, how he is nothing but hell and hurt. The people he would consider friends don't think very highly of him.

I could easily hint more about my issues, not only with this person but with my own personal hatred of him, but I have my own issues apart from him that are more worthy of my attention. Rather than actively hate this person, I'll soon just get to where I can forget his existence for the most part. We have some friends in common, though any of them would have my back before his, and that's a little gratifying.

And finally, the humorous thought that keeps occurring to me has to do with POS and the book I'm currently reading, Texas, by James A. Michener. Had POS and I lived in Texas even as recently as one hundred years ago, I could have shot him by now, and it would have been okay. POS is proof that "he needed killin'" should be an accepted argument in certain trials.

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Housewife said...

Yes, a little frontier justice can be a good thing.

I lived in a town once where men could successfully defend themselves with "Your honor, he called my sister a cunt."

Case dismissed...