Wednesday, March 14, 2007

yellow is the new red

Here in my lovely town, we're learning an often harsh message in regards to our traffic lights. Due to the installation of traffic enforcement cameras at certain intersections, once a warning, the yellow light is fast becoming akin to the red light. The red of course still means what it always has, but if you still feel like coasting through the yellow, be aware that the flash you almost see behind you is a fresh new ticket in your mailbox.

Now I've come across what I fear may be a new phenomenon at these camera cop intersections. Having retrieved Momma from work recently, we made our usual slip up and over the hill back to Broadway, passing through the original cameras that have slowly spawned all over town.

Before us was a mini van as we approached Broadway, our own street taking a sharp right turn around the end of a small ridge and the traffic light somewhat hidden by the geography. It's a light that one does well to remember, but the light is quickly in view and with plenty of time to stop safely if one is already driving safely. The light was in fact green, but the minivan driver, probably wary of the cameras, continued to slow down slightly as he approached.

"Go motherfucker!" I promptly shouted.

And immediately it hit me. Thanks to my town and those asshats that speed through intersections at the last minute, not only is yellow the new red, but green is the new yellow.

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