Monday, April 30, 2007

capital punishment

No, not that kind, the kind that happens here, in my little town, in just under a month. The lovely skaters from our state capital will descend on our fair burg to take their licks from the Hard Knox Rollergirls.

So, what are you doing May 27? If you have any sense you will find some way to get here. If you love the beautiful sport of girl on girl action, the kind that sits atop a pair of skates and throws itself in your face, then you will find some way to get here.

Okay, I know I have a total of three readers, and one of them already lives here, but still, our league could use the support, and you will never have anything better to do than watch roller derby. So find some way to get here.


Kixque said...

*sigh* I TOTALLY need to dig my skates outta the closet

samuel said...

You could always join Momma at a practice, even without skates, just sit and watch, but then you'll have to try it just once, and before you know it, you'll be a real, honest-to-go derby girl. You know you want to get out there and hit somebody.

Rosie said...

Wow...I miss so much not getting the K-town news.

Thanks for visiting the SMB, Samuel. Yes, I'm posting from Cocke county. I couldn't possibly get the amount of strange that I write about anywhere else.

The county jail is something else, isn't it? When I first came here I was really surprised how often prisoners escaped. I'm sort of used to it now. We've got 2 on the lam right now.