Monday, April 30, 2007

everywhere a sign

School of Thought has a post concerning their recent travels through my birth state of Georgia. I currently feel more at home in my current little town, but there is still a part of me that's hanging on to Georgia and specifically Atlanta.

SoT discusses the religious signage, billboards that I imagine many of us are familiar with. They offer us a lovely picture of the typical blue eyed, white Jesus assuring us that he does indeed listen. According to this sign that I found, god does listen, but not perhaps to you. He does love to rock though.

And to finish it all off, I found you a short song to give you a taste of Slayer. I'm not a fan of the band, mostly because I prefer my music with either a horn section and a little '60's Jamaican vibe or with a bit of twang on the guitar and a taste of heartbreak, tears in beers if you will.


Rosie said...

I'm completely in love with "God Listens to Slayer". Could possibly be updated to "God Listens to Danzig".

There is a little church in Bridgeport that has unintentionally funny messages.

"God is my Prozac" was one.

"Body Piercings Saved my Soul" was another.

unschooler said...

Ah Slayer. What fond memories. I distinctly remember thinking that their music was giving me bad luck. I was 16. In an effort to rid myself of the demons (Slayer) I secretly gifted my metalhead neighbor with my "possessed" Slayer album. The tires fell off his car a week later. Musta been the bad karma.