Thursday, May 24, 2007

driving, driving, driving

Yesterday basically sucked. I've had worse days of course, and it didn't suck nearly as much as it could have, but it was very annoying in a minor annoyance kind of way.

Being Wednesday, it was the day to go meet the derby mommys and their kids to go swimming. Apparently the plans changed, and I wasn't told. I drove to the house I expected to meet at only to find that no one was home. I herded two disappointed boys back to the car assuring them that I'd figure out what was wrong and where everyone else was.

Backing out of the driveway, I slid the car back into drive and dialed the first derby mommy on my list. No one answered, so I called the next number on the list. Getting another no answer, I wasn't sure what to do next. I'd tried the two moms I was certain would also be there and able to direct me to where there was.

Getting a call back, I finally learned whose house we were meeting at though I got no directions. I did get two different numbers to try, neither of which did any good as everyone seemed as though they'd decided not to answer my calls.

I ran to another street, slightly different part of town, sure I was going to get another call, which I did, with directions, not so much. I eventually gave up and drove home. The Boy had dozed off by this point, and Big Brother hid his disappointment well. The Boy, upon later realizing that we'd missed swimming, was a bit upset, but a promise of going to roller derby practice helped him get over it.

We'd driven around, mindlessly, for roughly an hour. I was tired of driving. Momma called, ready to come home from work, ready to get ready for practice. After a supper of various leftovers, she got into more derby appropriate clothes and we started our drive south to the rink.

Approaching the rink, we knew immediately that something wasn't right. The skaters and refs were all milling about outside in the parking lot. The side door of the roller rink was wide open, and we could see some sort of gray liquid oozing out the door. We could see some amount of dust floating out as well.

For some reason, the floor tiles that haven't been replaced in over a year were suddenly in need of attention. The last practice before our bout Sunday, and our skaters are unable to even get in the door of the rink much less skate. The girls did sort of decide on an intro song while standing around wondering what to do next. Big Brother and The Boy were the only derby kids there, and they got a chance to run up and down the hill, chop at grass with their swords and stick their sandal clad toes in the dirt hill.

It wasn't as wasted a drive as the not swimming drive of earlier, because they did get that song picking business out of the way. We also got to stand around and be juvenile. We probably made some quite bold statements as to our league's ability to kick ass, which is not to be doubted.

So in the end, I can say it wasn't really that bad of a day. It did suck to wake up early enough to have the car only to not need the car. We all wanted to get in the pool and will have to wait on that. But it wasn't really a bad day in the end. It was mostly lazy, and we accomplished absolutely nothing of value, so it wasn't entirely wasted.

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