Tuesday, May 22, 2007

be there

It's almost time, and I'm getting excited. Our Hard Knox Rollergirls are preparing to welcome Nashville's Rhythm and Bruisers to our end of the state for a hard lesson in roller derby.

Any regular reader I might have certainly knows by now that I'm in love, not only with derby but also with our league. It's not just the league itself either but the individuals who make up our league.

Our league has now traveled for bouts in Birmingham, AL as well as Idiotapolis, IN. This will be our first time hosting another league, though next month see us hosting Tragic City, the team from Birmingham, for our second meeting.

We've had a little practice being the away team, and now we'll get some practice in being gracious hosts. I'd love for our town to be remembered and talked about among the other leagues. We'll be the city that's awfully nice to you, getting you fed and liquored up, showing you the sights. Then we meet you the next day at the rink and our blockers bash your brains in while our jammers make you dizzy lapping you yet again.

If you're one of my local readers, you have no valid excuse for not coming out to support the hometown league. I've already coaxed a homeschooling friend and her awesome children out, and they enjoyed it. I can't say I'll have my own kids there, as they sort of cramp your style when you're wanting to hit the after party.

This might usually be the time when I try to say a little something about derby, a little explanation. I won't. The rules are easy to find, and even easier to find is that your town probably has a roller derby league. Go online and search, find your local team, then go out and support them. What better role model for both our daughters and our sons than roller derby?

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