Thursday, July 19, 2007

eight more things

Rosie tagged me to spill my guts for you and admit to eight random things that you don't yet know. I can't really be sure what you do or don't know about me, and I'm not rereading things I may have admitted to since I began writing this blog. If nothing else though, this meme can prove that I'm not a one track roller derby minded freak, regardless of how it might sound in recent posts.

1. I can find something in almost any genre of music, outside of any orchestral music that involves singing which irritates the shit out of me, that I like, from hip hop to country. In fact, the country video I posted late last night was one I stumbled on while looking for a new Ska Weekend post. How I jumped from ska to country the world may never know. Oh, and I also don't like really heavy metal with the singer growling and making his throat all itchy and raw. That too sucks.

2. In school I was usually the kid that was bored and drawing stupid pictures or drawing mustaches on the people pictured in books. I still like to draw mustaches on pictures of people.

3. Because of our drought, I haven't really HAD to mow the grass in weeks, but the yard still looks like shit and not just because of the brown. Some weird plant that almost but not quite looks like rosemary has popped up in a few places and has grow to at least waist high. And the grass in the ditch is actually growing too tall, so I really do need to mow.

4. In real life, I probably swear more than just about anyone you know. It doesn't come through so much when I write, though sometimes it almost does.

5. I hate the eight things meme because after a couple of random facts, I run out of things to say and start entertaining thoughts of being more personal than I like. For all the talking I do, I really don't care much for sharing. I don't like feelings.

6. I hate waking up in the morning a bit more than I hate waking up in the afternoon, though waking in the afternoon always makes me feel a little guilty, though I usually wake in the late morning as opposed to afternoon, or is it early afternoon?

7. I'm beginning to grow tired of smoking, but I dread the very idea of trying to quit. I've almost attempted a few times over the years, never lasting more than a few short hours.

8. I hate tagging people for memes. It's sort of a self esteem thing in a sense, like, "Who am I to think people will read this in the first place, much less want to lower themselves to do the kind of memes I do." But that's sort of an issue outside of the online world as well. It's like I don't trust myself not to seem like I suck to most people.

And there you have round two of Eight Things About Me. Hope you enjoyed it, and if you didn't enjoy it, I at least hope you can stand not to make fun of me for anything that I may have written. I'm sure it seems that by number eight I was really stretching and grasping for some reasonable way to just finish and hit the publish button, and I was, but I'd prefer you not think I was, so maybe I wasn't.

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