Friday, July 20, 2007

that famous guy

I haven't posted about soccer in a while, but I've been regularly catching the one game I know I'll see each week, whatever MLS game ESPN2 bothers to air Thursdays. Tonight it was the MLS all stars versus Scotland's Celtic FC. MLS won the game on a couple of goalie embarassing shots that were fun to watch.

One complaint I have for ESPN, in addition to my usual complaint about their inability to do soccer justice, is that I do believe they showed more shots of David Beckham smiling than they showed actual soccer footage. It's nice he's here and all, but they couldn't have kissed his ass any more if they'd hired an ass kissing adviser. They not only had a huge welcome the America special that I didn't watch when his plane landed, but they also had a big half time interview with him tonight, once again, which I didn't watch.

Okay, I might have watched the interview tonight, but Momma was trying to get The Boy in bed, and it was really the best time for me to run to the store for our nightly beer and cigarettes. I may have watched it otherwise, but might have barely counts.

What I did watch was the Bravo show that his wife did about coming to America to get ready for her ol' man and kids to move over. She has to buy a house and do some other stuff, and I'm afraid to admit that I kind of enjoyed it. I don't know what happened for that hour and a half, but I giggled with her as much as at her. Regardless, she has to get ready for the family, and I doubt I'll see the next episode.

I can't say I really give a shit about the Beckhams. I still think MLS could have gotten a shit ton of Clint Dempsey's for the same money, but what the hell do I know? I wish them well, and I hope America's habit of buying the next-big-thing helps soccer in the US in general. But I also have to admit that they do seem like sweethearts, and I hope we don't hurt them too much.

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Catherine said...

I didn't catch the show and I don't know much about soccer, but Beckham IS my desktop picture. ;)

I've heard she's very charming and not at all as stuffy as she comes off. And she seems great with her kids. That's a big plus to me.