Monday, August 27, 2007

last call

No, not that kind of last call, because this is a happy post, and the thing about the usual last call isn't happy.

I've finally called and verbally communicated with the last parent of my soccer team members finally. It's taken over a week, only part of which was my accidentally not signing the volunteer form. Some of it was just never happening to call at the right time. Considering my own homebound-ness, I have to wonder what all these people are doing.

So, nine U10 families later and five U6, everyone knows. One U10 missed a week of practice already, entirely because I didn't get in touch with the family in time, but I did try. I really use that first week to spend 30 minutes of an hour practice asking kids their names or guessing at their names, often wrongly, so his missing wasn't that big a deal. I will say that Thursday's practice had me getting most names right, but I haven't met the U6's yet. That's five more brand new kids, and I so totally suck at names.

And I'm ever so happy to have finally called all these lovely people. Now my only concerns are getting these kids in shape for their first game in two weeks. Most of my U10's seem excited and ready to learn the game. There's always that one kid that is easily distracted, and usually I get two, only one of which is Big Brother. I also have a kid that I kind of expect to never really like team sports; there's just something about him, demeanor or something, but I could easily just be seeing things that aren't there. Maybe he's just shy. I'll do my best to see that he has a fun and happy season, but I really get a feeling that he's not going to ever grow into a sports fan. And I don't care, just so long as he has fun.

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