Monday, August 27, 2007


Dark clouds have slowly settled on us, having peered at us from the distance or blown right past us on the edges throughout the day. It was a day filled with promise, but all too often, the rain we need in the valley finds itself falling on the mountains. We in the valley have seen that plenty of times.

We are a ten minute drive to downtown. Momma works downtown. In the past two weeks we have had showers at home that she did not see at work. The showers were quick and torrential, the first being late in the evening and able for just that evening, to cool us down and bring some small respite. The second was mid day, and provided us one of those lovely southern steams. If you ever get to experience a mid day rain steam in Atlanta, by all means do. We don't get it that bad here in TN, but I always fear it.

The clouds are upon us, and in the distance we see more darkness piling on, but also in that distance we hear thunder. It's late in the evening, we really need a good rain, and all signs are leading me to expect rain. I'd love two straight days of showers, but assuming it does not move on into the mountains, I think we can expect something much quicker, something that tempts more than delivers. By morning it will most likely have completely left us, left us so much that even the grass is dry again.

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Rosie said...

We have been getting absolutely whacked every afternoon up here with the storms. Rained my cookout out this past friday so I'm trying again today. But building a fire in the firepit to do so.