Monday, August 13, 2007

not quite buzzing

I've now consumed more caffeine in one day (today) than I have in quite some time. It's all about the road. The road this time is US150 followed by I75, and we were driving home from some hot roller derby action.

Two nights in a row of less sleep than I needed and my tendency to doze on long enough drives is not the wisest combination, nor is the pile of beverages I've consumed. I've had 20 ounces of Vanilla Coke, a can of Cinnabon espresso something, Bawls extra caffeine and guarana blend drink and I have just finished a 15 ounce can of Java Monster coffee plus energy drink. Neither of the coffee drinks was as good as the wee can of Starbucks doubleshot, and the caffeine/guarana drink wasn't nearly as ick as Red Bull.

The Monster drink seems to have worked the best to keep my eyes open. It also helped to keep running into people from Indiana because those people can't drive to save themselves, but anger wakes a man like little else can. Even passing the sign telling them to get their asses back in the right lane, they just don't get that they need to let me pass on the left, not force me to pass on the right.

Anyway, I'm not writing about idiots on the interstate, and I'm not nearly as jittery as I should be considering the number and amount of stimulants (all legal) coursing through me. My tummy is a wee bit about to go ooky probably, and the Tums bottle might just join me at the computer desk while I catch up on everything. But we made it home. I didn't doze and plunge us to fiery doom.

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Sue Doe said...

Sweet Jesus, I'm glad you live far away from me.