Thursday, August 16, 2007

check her sounds

A number of years ago, in our nation's capital, for a brief and glorious moment, there was an amazing ska band named the Checkered Cabs. I was still feeling my way into music post being raised quite Baptist, and while ska was making small blippy things happen on my musical radar, I wasn't quite into it at all.

At some point I did of course realize that I'm a great lover of the ska music. It certainly helps when you discover a band like the Checkered Cabs, and I did via their album Remember, though somewhat after it was originally released. It's an album I still play, and today it came out as the boys and I ran an errand. The songs all took me back, and I began to wonder why I hadn't ever searched for them online. I've known they were broken up, but in the age we live in, if it's not somewhere online, it's nowhere, or something.

Tonight became the night to look into the band, to find out what I could learn, what they were doing these days. It took a bit of fooling around between Google and YouTube which led me to Myspace and hopefully my newest friend. I'm such a geek for this sort of thing.

While the Checkered Cabs were a great band all round, the singer Caz Gardiner was truly the standout of the band. I have to say that, while I also like the new band, The Pressure Sounds, Caz's vocals are always going to steal the show.

Upon finding her on YouTube, I realized instantly that my mental picture of what I expected was the exact opposite of what I got. I'm not sure that there's any reason as to why, but I'd always imagined her as almost a Keely Smith, but she's not at all. That's fine, because I'm sure I only love her more seeing her finally on the ever faithful YouTube. What would life be without it?

Anyway, The Pressure Sounds doing Life Can Be Easier. And oh my god for real how she fucking dances!

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wenso said...

Do you know about The English Beat? This song made me think of them...they're both definitely the type of songs you want to hear in a crowded bar where everyone is crammed together and dancing cause there's no way to stand still anyway. Fun stuff.