Thursday, August 16, 2007

nothing about anything

I haven't been very good about writing here lately, as may have been obvious considering the week long absences and the random and sporadic posts. I'm still reading around the internet and leaving comments that I feel are funny but probably aren't, I just haven't been drawn to write.

This isn't a new phenomenon, and I'm sure that plenty of other bloggers go through the same sort of thing. But for me, it becomes bothersome. I'm somewhat cooped up in the house all too often, and I think that this adds to my lack of desire to post. The weather is brutal, hot and humid as ever if not moreso this year. We had a little rain way back when, which was really nice to see, but once again we are back to drought. The ozone level is just lovely these days, trapped here in our little valley. The haze in the sky, the hot breezes, the instant sweat upon exiting the house all combine to make me just want to go back to bed.

But maybe I'm coming out of my stupor. I'm slowly getting back into a slight writerly mode. I've got soccer beginning again soon, and the roller derby news is still happening even without me writing about it. I actually do have a derby story for you, but first I have to find some guy's pictures and steal the one of Momma that's actually a good picture.

The house is an absolute wreck, and with friends coming to town in less than two weeks, we have a major job ahead of us. Thankfully, the drought has kept me from having to mow the yard too much, though our little bit of rain, while not making the grass grow, did make some crazy and extremely woody stemmed plants try to take over the yard. I finally got that done, but the drought is so bad that I've only mowed twice and it's okay. That's entirely fucked up, and it's not a good thing in the least. I'd rather have the rain and the extra work.

And that's all you get for now. I've once more turned my lack of regular updates/writing into post fodder about itself, something I'm sure to do plenty more over time. Now wait patiently while I work up some posts that are entirely uninteresting. I'm so on it now.


Rosie said...

I loves me some roller derby!

redmolly said...

The self-referential blog post... mainstay of the bloggatorial world. Blogging's like flossing your teeth. Do it every day and you miss it when you skip it; skip a few days in a row and it 's easy for it to fade from your mind. (Until someone e-mails you and asks if everything's OK, since you haven't updated your blog in days.)

Glad to see your updates, anyway.