Friday, September 14, 2007

mmm salsa

Thanks to Doc for this one. She's planning on cooking some sort of fish with what I'm sure is a lovely peach and blackberry salsa. Peach and blackberry salsa sounds tasty, though I'd lean toward pork as a flesh base for this sauce. I'm not the fish lovingest guy on the planet, though I really could see it working for the fish and probably even the elk she mentions.

Doc's post isn't about the salsa, but is an interesting tale in and of itself. You really should go and read it, though even as I say this I imagine both my readers have already read it and probably before me.

She actually doesn't even mention the salsa, just throws it out as part of her post. Being the kind of guy that likes eating food, I jumped on her link. How surprised was I to find this random placement of things and stuff.

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