Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Updated to add sarcasm tag, whatever that looks like.

A perfect example of what Christine was talking about. Sesame Street is sooo not for kids.

Watch the tiny video below or go HERE to YouTube and enbiggen.


audrey said...

I have to disagree with that article. Sesame Street has always been for kids -- especially those first 10 years.

The jaded, politically correct adults ruin it by judging everything in it based on superficial glimpses through muck-coloured glasses.

Adults simply can't handle Sesame Street. The DVD's ought to have warnings that say "not intended for adult audiences." Kids are smarter and more imaginative than that.

samuel said...

I honestly couldn't make any sense of the article, but I could see the silliness inherent in what seemed to be their argument. However, toward the end of the article it almost seemed as though the writer had begun to realize they were being silly. Either way it's a good excuse to look up Sesame Street on YouTube.

SabrinaT said...

OK, that just gives me the crepes.. HA HA !!