Monday, November 19, 2007

oh really

So as I'm sure everyone knows, Hannah Montana's dad is Billy Ray Cyrus. Because I've included those two names in the very first line of this post I'm going outside to kick my own ass in about a minute and a half when I get through writing this .

I learned this bit of worthless trivia yesterday. We'd stopped for gas and cigarettes, me pumping, Momma getting to go inside for the smokes, and while waiting she read the headline in whatever paper apparently felt the need to put this on the front. She of course had to tell me as soon as she was back to the car.

I'm sure somewhere deep inside it's not really worthless trivia. I'm somehow strangely relieved to know that at least she comes by her suck naturally.


Frankie said...

I don't even know who Hannah Montana is. I've heard the name, I've skipped blog entries where people were talking about getting tickets, I don't care.

And her father -- that's a country singer, right?

I am so cluess and thankful Thomas doesn't get into that kind of stuff.

Long live 80s big-hair bands!

don said...

When Christine and I got married back in '92, that song by Billy Ray Cyrus was huge (I can't even say the name of it without gagging a little). I specifically asked the DJ service not to play it at the reception. The DJ ended up playing it not once, but twice. TWICE!! If I hadn't been drinking I probably wouldn't have paid them.

But thanks to you for dredging up that memory. While you're at it why don't you give me a papercut and pour some lemon juice in it.

Anonymous said...

wow, I did not know this. My kids watch hannah Montanna on the disney channel.

Ew, I'll be looking at it all with a new (achy breaky) eyes.

sorry - worst joke ever.