Wednesday, January 16, 2008

she rocks

It seems a little ridiculous to even mention this in 2008, but women in rock still seem relegated to either the bass player or as a member of the all girl band that no one cares about once they realize that the members aren't knocking themselves out to be sexy for the boys. I mention this because today's band features a woman as both lead singer and guitar player.

The video below is The Muffs. It isn't one of their newer songs, but it is a good one, as if they were able to put out a bad song. This is the band that's been pushing Rufus out of the cd player lately.

It could easily be argued that there are sweeter and/or more beautiful voices in music, but for a straight up, basic rock and roll band, Kim absolutely kills it. Wait till about 2:30 when she belts out a scream, the absolute best scream in rock music.

The video is their song Outer Space.


Michele said...

Don't forget Chrissie Hynde (sp?).

Nigel said...

Are The Muffs still making music? They have been off my radar for at least 10 years...

samuel said...

Their most recent album was released in 2004. You can hear some newer music at their Myspace page

They go on and off of my radar, but they are consistently a band that makes me happy when they make it back on the radar.