Saturday, May 03, 2008

cheese with my whine

In the past couple of weeks I have rammed my head into the corner of something metal more times than I can remember. From dish racks to wall mounted food thawers, if it's metal and at the g-pub, I'm likely to have hit my head on it.

I have a small cut, almost paper cut size, on the knuckle of my right thumb and no memory of how I acquired it. I have a near puncture on a finger from a staple courtesy of helping break down boxes. I got the tiniest of cuts on my right arm, thanks to a tiny bit of metal left over from drilling into the door of a walk in cooler only to learn that the handle/latch needs to go somewhere else. I bumped the door open as it was closing one day and happened to hit the tiny barb. Later in the day I took a piece of gravel from next to it (it's an outdoor cooler) and ground the door back to safety. Dropping fish into the large fish fryer, I've felt the oil on the tips of my fingers, yet I have to noticeable burns to tell the tale.

I've been making my U10's run a lot more in practice. It's become evident that eight and nine year old boys may just end up beating the shit out of each other if some sense of order is not forced. Also, it's good for both them and me to just run, and I always run with them unless it's some sort of punishment. A couple of the kids just don't know when to stop, so I've sent them running when they get out of hand. I give warning, and I try to be fair. At some point though, too many kids just won't shut up, and everyone has to run. Also, I've just noticed that some of the kids just don't run in the games. I feel like I need to show them they can or that they're doing it all wrong or something.

So I'm sore from all that too. I've gone from not running before the season to some light jogging to sprints. I've never liked running for the sake of running, but give me a ball to kick and chase, and it's somehow suddenly different. The soreness is random and would be less of an issue if I exercised more often and got my body used to it and in shape. Seems like I've heard this story somewhere before.

And that's a whiny rundown of random irritants. I won't mention that any amount of head injuries I may have suffered at work may just be the fault of yet more too little sleep. I can't say for sure, but I think I was slightly asleep for half of my drive downtown this morning. Add to that the fact that I didn't really talk any shit till after lunch and snapped at almost everyone at least once, and today was just an all round . . . something bad? Leaving work was nice, and sitting around outside reading an article about a couple of local high schools actually making attempts to stop anti gay bullying while also smoking too many cigarettes and wishing either of the cups of coffee would work, listening for the boys two yards over to hopefully not get into any trouble.

I suppose today wasn't the worst day after all. It wasn't great by any means what with the repeated head bashing, but in the end, in the immortal words of one Ice Cube, "I didn't even have to use my A-K."


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OK, the Ice Cube threw me! You don't seem the Ice Cube type?

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