Thursday, October 30, 2008

don't be a douche

Apparently today is blog-what-other-people-blog-day at the ol' desk full. Yet another of my fave blogs has posted something worth sharing, this time a video. If you live under a rock or outside of the U.S. (is this another theme du jour?) then you may not know what California's Proposition 8 is all about. If this is true then very quickly, judges in CA decided that the state constitution makes it illegal to deny gay people the right to marry. Now a bunch of degenerates want to amend the constitution to deny us that right. Prop 8 is their attempt, and the following video explains what this is all about much more eloquently (another theme?) than I. Hat tip to Todd of Iced Tea and Sarcasm.

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contemplator said...

Dude. I forgot to read for a while, and I came back and you were gay. :D

That'll teach me not to keep up. You're a brave and honest person. I still contend, as I have you named on my sidebar, that you are an "example for every man." :)