Tuesday, November 04, 2008

yes we did

It feels good to say the words:

President Obama

Know what else sounds good?

Democratic senate majority


contemplator said...

The "Yes we can" thing has me a little disturbed, though. Every time people chant it, I picture Bob the Builder. (I guess that's better than Joe the Plumber.)

Can we fix it?
Yes we can!

Frankie said...

Amen. (giggle)

I have such hope today! It's wonderful.

lol contemplator--Thomas was too old for Bob the Builder when it started, (thankfully!), so I hadn't made that connection. Now that you mention it, I will be thinking of Bob the Builder from now on.

Meg_L said...

I also like the senate majority, but I actually like the majority to be 51 to 49.

Our country works best when we compromise our extremes - or looked another way, when congress is so tied up that nothing gets accomplished.

Of course this time around we need to untangle so much crap - maybe the majority for a couple of years will be good.