Wednesday, November 19, 2008

marryin' gays

Over the years, whenever I've discussed marriage equality, I've been more than willing to admit what I'm sure will happen once we are finally given that right. Perhaps you've read what I've written and seen my predictions come true.

If gay people are legally allowed to marry then Nazi tyrannosaurs will erupt out of the earth, and they will go an a rampage and destroy the earth and kill everyone with their deadly laser eyes.

Blogger Sean Braisted apparently disagrees. Go visit his blog, Nashville 21 to find out what he thinks will happen, then feel free to comment back here and tell me whose vision you find more likely.

hat tip to R. Neal at Knox Views for the intro to Mr. Braisted and his sadly mistaken

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Sean Braisted said...

Well, to be honest, I didn't create that graphic, if I did, there would've been a slice of pie for "an increase in the number of gay adoptions, leading to an increase in the number of well dressed kids at school, leading to an decrease in the self-esteem of the children of straight parents."

Its a vicious cycle that must be stopped post haste.