Wednesday, November 19, 2008

about little

Whenever I happen to notice the number of posts I've published since beginning the ol' Desk Full blog I wonder exactly how many of those are drafts. For whatever reason, Blogger counts unpublished drafts when it tells you how many posts you have. I've never known how many actual posts I've published because, before moments ago, I never bothered to find out.

Now I know. I clicked on the drafts button to learn that I had only five total, some from the beginning of 2006. After giving them all at least a cursory glance I've deleted all but one, and that one is about robots. I don't remember what exactly made me start that one, but it's the one I kept. Maybe in a day or two I'll check back in and thing about thinking about it.

This is a fairly pointless post. Of the 700+ things I've posted it's not really any more or less pointless than probably half of them. It is what it is though, and thankfully it's not whining about boy trouble. Don't despair though as I'm sure there's another one of those, if not many more, in the future.

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