Friday, December 12, 2008

cash money ya'll (in check form of course)

Two thirty in the afternoon has just slid by while cuppa number two is still too full to want to take in the car. The boys have finished lunch, yes we're late types around here, and they should have finished making their beds.

Big Brother is searching for socks, but from the sounds coming from the other end of the house he's probably not searching so much as he is playing with his brother. The Boy doesn't need socks, or so he claims, and he hasn't worn them in . . . um . . . I don't know. He's also been wearing a pair of plastic rain boots for weeks, having picked them as his shoe of choice since the weather has been ruling out sandals.

Seriously, plastic rain boots with no socks, and no I don't argue. I care, but I don't.

I'm trying to time my day so that I can get downtown for my check and get it to the bank in time to get back downtown in time for Momma to get off work in time for me to go to work. I'd rather have too much time than too little, and I'd prefer not to be late to work over all this. But I also don't want to have time to waste waiting for Momma to be done in time to . . . yeah, we covered this.

I'm happy today. I get a paycheck, or I should. The restaurant world tends to require one to wait till after two o'clock to pick up checks on payday, and knowing this I've waited, plus all that other stuff I already said. But seriously, folks, after over a month and a half of being broke, I'm getting paid. It's a damn good feeling, though it will be for just under a week's worth of work, and my next check will arrive the day after Christmas.

I'm not letting my lame broke-ness bring me down in regards to Christmas. I'll try not to spend too much as the big day approaches, and I'll think of something I can get the boys. Momma may be mostly out of luck as far as gifts from me are concerned, at least until after Christmas, and I do plan on blowing some small amount of my newly earned scratch on some light going out and having some drinks. We'll wait and see how that turns out.

And that's where I leave you for today. I'm not getting into the troubling aspects of Christmas, at least not just yet. You can wait around and hope for it, because I'm sure it's coming. I do have a smallish issue nibbling around the edges of my brain, and it's due its own post, but that isn't today. Today is for good moods and happy thoughts.

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