Monday, February 02, 2009

tv reviews? srsly?

The L Word. I watched it tonight. We, meaning me and the boys, went to a friend's house, and the boys played in a different room. I didn't catch anything too racy, but neither of them would be especially interested a lesbian soap opera anyway.

I have to admit that part of me liked it. I honestly missed more than I saw, and I never had a chance of figuring out too much what was going on as far as the group dynamics they were trying to portray. But something about knowing they were all a big bunch of gay people was strangely nice.

The dudes? Yeah, there weren't really many at all, but it's the least I'd expect, and at least we weren't all douchebags, just the ones that would have been douchebags anyway. We do show up as the bartender sometimes. And anyway, the only dudes in the house were either me or my children, for what that's worth. The chicks weren't in huge abundance either, again, for what it's worth.

And then we came home to peanut or almond butter crackers and milk followed closely by bed. I'm now the only one up. I seem to be thinking thoughts of bed myself, but I seem to have gotten my second wind, that point where I stayed up just so late that I'm now awake again.

And now I'm blogging about the lesbian soap opera. I may have mentioned not hating it, but I can't (refuse to) admit to too much love for it. It was a bunch of chicks for fuck sake! I mean, nobody loves the gals more than me. They're my homies, but nobody wants to see them make out. Nobody wants to watch a bunch of chicks in a show about them wandering around being catty about each other.

Okay, I did actually kind of get drawn in over the course of the hour. There was a point when a friend called, and I went to a different room, but I got the gist of it, and really, the only reason I was drawn in at all was that they were gay. I would of course prefer to see a bunch of unnaturally hot guys wandering into each other and going to work and out for drinks, but that's just me.

Will I watch it again? I can't say. I'd be willing to hang out with my gay friends and watch a gay show. I don't get to do that nearly often enough.

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