Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Did I tell you about my head? Yeah, I hurt the shit out of it.

You are probably not familiar with my house or my basement. It's not my house or basement, but the fact is that I do still live here for the time being. And the basement is accessed through a door on the outside of the house.

The door is a plywood frame with some old corrugated sheet metal covering. Open it to reveal a rather dangerous looking set of stairs. At the bottom is a doorway into a dirt and cinder block walled hole with a concrete floor. Right near the bottom of the stairs is the water heater, and past that in the far corner is the hole into which is sunk the pump that doesn't always work properly when enough rain falls to wash a bunch of shit into the hole and clog the pump. If you don't get to it soon enough and make sure the pump is working when there's enough rain you end up with a flooded basement and an extinguished pilot light.

None of that is the point. If you are my height and stand up in the door way you are quite likely to slam your head into the top. If you do that you will meet intense pain.

I did exactly the thing I've mentioned and met the exact pain I mentioned. I have a nice lump and bruise to go with it. It hurts now because I forgot what I'd done and scratched my head not so long ago. I aggravated the hurt and hurt all over again.

It's not even a little bit fun, but the basement is drained, and the water heater pilot is on, so we have hot water. That's good considering that the kids needed bathing tonight, and they did both get as clean as they tend to get themselves. I'm not willing to confront that issue, but I trust them somewhat.

It's all tied together, but really my issue is the pain. It's the opposite of fun. But, like most things, it'll heal soon enough. For now, however, my head hurts, and I'm tired, and it's bed time.

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