Tuesday, February 09, 2010

homeschool reason number something thousand

Yes, once in a while you just have to post because you stumble on or remember another reason that homeschooling is a great option.

We have a friend who is spending today recovering from a chemo treatment. She has two daughters, one of whom is at school. The other is here with us.

She's absolutely adorable as only a three year old girl can be, and my eleven and six year old boys have spent their day enjoying her company. Big Brother played go fish with her and didn't mind that he spent the entire game helping her understand what was going on. When she found a book she wanted read to her I had all three kids closing in on me to enjoy a book I haven't read since The Boy was as young as our visiting friend.

So, added to the reasons one might consider or choose to homeschool is, in my opinion, one that proves that the socialization question is only relevant when asked in a way that shows the actuality of socialization as hsers. I love that my boys don't have a problem playing with a much younger girl because they never learned that it's uncool to do so.

And now it's time to get my list together. Momma is running errands, and I need to text her a grocery list so that I can make food for the young lady we're hanging out with and her family. They're vegetarian which makes the job sort of a fun challenge. There's actually no challenge today because I've known for the last couple of days what I was cooking, but the idea of creating veg food is a fun challenge as I'm happily omnivorous.

Now, to work!

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