Monday, February 08, 2010

taxing fun with taxation

That time is once again drawing near, that particular day halfway through April when the US, in one big group, rushes out late at night to the post office to get a bunch of paperwork and documentation in the mail. It's tax season.

Momma and I, though not together, have continued to file our taxes as married, filing jointly. We are still legally married as we haven't really felt a pressing need to actually finalize the dissolution of our marriage with divorce. We both know it's coming, but the need to truly end the thing isn't a huge concern. We haven't really even looked into, so neither of us are really sure what exactly it's going to take.

We both have our W2's, and I'm not even going to mention how sadly pathetic the number in box 1 is on my own. Momma has three, having worked at three different places over the course of oh nine, and I'm not going to mention her collection of boxes 1.

We haven't really discussed filing our taxes this year other than my suggestion that, while she's at work tonight, I'd be willing to begin the e-file process. She asked that I wait in order to actually discuss how we'll go about it this year.

We may choose to file as we have, but we've discussed that their exists the option of married, filing separately.

I don't want to mess with the IRS, nor do I want to do anything illegal. What I do want, and I'm sure what we all want, is to get the largest possible sum of money in the form of a refund. I'd love to get enough money to buy myself a bed, and I have a couple other ideas for spending money I don't even have yet. I'm sure Momma has ideas of her own.

So I won't work on the taxes just yet. I will feed the boys, and I've got a couple of errands to run, and later tonight those same boys get their shower/bath night, and I could stand to wash a couple of dishes, and there's already plenty of laundry piling up needing to be washed, and there's still clothes needing to be folded from the last time that I did laundry. I was nice enough to throw them on the sofa where the dogs were nice enough to sleep on them several times over the last week, so they might not even be clean anymore.

Errands and chores and taxes do not necessarily a fun night make, but they aint gonna do themselves.

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